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Winter Festival

Last Friday evening, we attended the Winter Festival organized by Ethan’s school’s PTO.  It was like a mini carnival, with games, food and activities for the kids.  We were surprised by the turnout despite the freezing cold weather!

The festival was held in the school gym and the school cafeteria, and only Ethan needed a ticket (@$2).  Adults and kids 3 and under enjoyed free admission.

Ethan started by playing some basketball in the gym.

Unfortunately, he met with a mishap when he scored a basket in one of his games.  He’d jumped up and down in celebration and accidentally bumped his top incisors on a metal horizontal bar. 🙁

He was bleeding a little, but thankfully the bleeding stopped after a while.  However, he just wasn’t himself the rest of the evening, and it took him some time before he was back to his cheerful self.  Poor boy. 🙁

(At the time of writing, his teeth are okay.  He was feeling a little bit of sensitivity for a couple of days after the incident, but he’s okay now.)

I had also volunteered to bring in a cake for the Cake Walk.  Here’s a glimpse of some of the other cakes brought in by other volunteers.

The Cake Walk is a fun game open to all kids at $1 per dance.  All the participants will start dancing when the music is played and when the music stops, every one chooses a number to stand on.  A number will then be drawn from a can and the kid whose number is called will get to choose a cake of his/her choice!  The rest of the kids will win a consolation prize of a lollipop each.

Hannah wanted a go at the Cake Walk:

…but then she got upset when someone stood on the number she wanted to choose…in the end, she won a lollipop anyway.

And then, just before we left for home, the kids wanted to get their faces painted.

Meet Batman…or Batboy… 🙂

…and say hello to Little Miss Cheetah!

By the way, if you’re wondering what I used to wash the face paint off, I started with damp hands and then lathering up some shower gel and then applying it all over the face, gently massaging the face as I went along.  I rinsed off with some warm water, but only about 75% was rinsed off.  After drying the face, I used regular baby lotion with cotton pads and gently wiped off the remaining stains.  About 5% still remained after the first night, so I did the moisturizer thingy again the following day and managed to remove everything.


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