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Ethan Is Seven Years Old!

Yesterday, my little Ethan turned seven.  I still can’t believe how much he has grown.  I told him that now when someone asks how old he is, he can say, “I’m seven years old!” instead of his usual “I’m six…but I’m gonna be seven soon!” 🙂

Here in Massachusetts, schools are very strict about food being brought into the classrooms in view of hygiene and food allergy.  So instead of edible stuff for the kids, I prepared little birthday treats for every one of Ethan’s classmates, so that he could pass it round during snack time.  His teacher(s) had suggested something practical and useful for the kids like a pencil or a fun eraser, so here’s what we prepared:

The kids helped me with the packing and arranging.  The treats were just something very simple and useful: A mini memo pad and a cute little pencil.  The memo pads came in 5 different colors and the pencils were just fun-looking and colorful.  Ethan told me he had a great time passing these round to his friends, and they were thrilled to get them.

Back on the home front, we had a little celebration of our own.  What would a birthday be without a birthday cake eh?

That’s right!  I made him a Captain America shield cake! 🙂

He’d been consistently asking for it for a year and thankfully, it wasn’t too difficult to make, but I ran into a few minor glitches when I realized that I had left my cake leveler, fondant smoother and offset spatula back in Penang.  So I had to just make do with whatever I had here, which explains why some parts of the cake were a bit uneven.

Ethan didn’t seem to mind though, and was really looking forward to blowing out the candle and eating the cake.

After cake, Ethan opened his birthday gift from us…

We got him a very riveting and addictive maze/puzzle called Perplexus!  …and we’re all hooked on it now!

We had a lot of fun celebrating Ethan’s birthday this year, albeit it was on a small scale, but the important thing was that he loved it!

Happy Birthday Ethan!

  1. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Happy Birthday Ethan! Love the shield cake! 😀

    Ethan says: Thanks AKU! It’s awesome, right?


  2. Pei Gee’s avatar

    HAPPY BIRTHDAY Ethan!! That is a very beautiful cake. Make sure you tell your Mommy that. Ok.

    Ethan says: Thank you Pei Gee Ah Kim! Yes I love the cake too!



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