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Snow Play with My Little Miracles

We’re right smack in the middle of the School Winter Break now, and the kids are just enjoying the vacation.  Today, I single-handedly brought both of them grocery shopping and told them that if I was pleased with their behavior at the store, I’d take them out for some snow play.

I kept my promise.

After lunch, the kids were garbed in their snow gear: snow pants, snow boots, hat and mittens and we took a quick stroll to the little playground area in our apartment.  There was a slight breeze, but the kids were kept nice and toasty in their snow attire… and they had so much FUN!


Elegant word art (have some fun) from Bethany

  1. Charmaine’s avatar

    Looks like heaps of fun. My youngest will love the colours on Hannah – pink, purple and red.

    Joyce says: Oh yes, those are her favorite colors, especially PINK 🙂



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