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Hannah Turns Four!

Last Saturday, my little sweetheart of a little girl turned FOUR!!  She had been looking forward to this day for a long, long time, and she had already started the countdown to this auspicious day after Ethan celebrated his birthday about a month ago.

Being a little paranoid and worried that my third little bub might arrive on that same day, I had a contingency plan in place for Hannah’s birthday cake.  Thankfully, this year, Hannah requested for a cake that did not require much shaping and moulding on my part.  So the backup plan in case I was not around was that Pete go get a store-bought cake and then decorate the top with my ready-made cake topper.

However, in the end, since my third little one decided that it was still more comfy in Mommy’s womb, I still got to bake and decorate Hannah’s cake….and a whole lot of fun I had!


Hannah’s crazy about Princess Jasmine and the song from the movie Aladdin: A Whole New World, so it came as no surprise when she’d requested for a Princess Jasmine-themed cake.  I ordered the edible cake topper online and only had to bake the chocolate cake and decorated it with chocolate ganache, frosting, chocolate rice and some orange slices.  The addition of the fruits was Hannah’s idea too.


And afterward, because the weather was not-too-cold, she took her present for a “test drive”…or “test ride”.

It was the first time Ethan took his scooter (our Christmas present to him) for a spin too…and boy, did we have fun!

Definitely an awesome way to spend a birthday!  Happy Birthday Hannah!

  1. RachelToh’s avatar

    Happy Happy Birthday to Hannah 🙂

    Joyce says: Thank you Rachel!


  2. Joanne’s avatar

    Blessed birthday Hannah. You are growing prettier each day.

    Joyce says: Thank you Joanne! 🙂


  3. Charmaine’s avatar

    Love the pics, Hannah’s expressions are priceless.

    Joyce says: Yes, she really enjoyed herself! 😀



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