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I Am Truly Thankful…

I am truly thankful that Emma has been a relatively calm baby.  She cries gently, except when she needs to be changed IMMEDIATELY or if she is unbelievably HUNGRY, but other than that, she cries only when she needs to.  I believe this might be due to the immediate skin-to-skin contact after she was born.  We had a one-hour bonding session right after she was born, and that could possibly be the reason why she is a calm baby.

I am truly thankful that Emma has been taking a few naps in the daytime, which allows me time to cook and clean and do the essentials around the house.  Unfortunately the popular adage, “A mom needs to sleep when the baby sleeps” does not hold true here, because only when the baby sleeps, do I find the time to do the important things that need to be done.

I am truly thankful every day because even though Emma keeps me up throughout the night, waking up every 1-1.5 hours for the past few days because she is currently in one of her growth spurts and hence cluster-feeds all the time, I would not be as sleep-deprived as I would be had I not chosen to breastfeed.  I cannot imagine how zombie-fied I would be if I had to wake up and mix up a bottle of formula or even wake up to sterilize my breast pump to express milk.  So even though I am sleep-deprived, I am still thankful.

I am truly thankful that on the several occasions we have taken Emma out, she has been behaving really well.  She wanted to be fed a few times, but it was nothing this Moo-mie could not handle.  Hey, I make milk, remember? 🙂

I am truly thankful that Emma has gained a good amount of weight, taken at her 2-week checkup.  She was a healthy 7lb 4 oz at 2 weeks and we shall see how much she weighs soon, at her 1-month checkup.  For the record (and also from our observation), she definitely looks more BULAT now. 🙂

Can’t wait for her to grow up and play with Ethan and Hannah! 😀

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Hi Joyce, praise God for Emma. She is lovely.

    Joyce says: Thanks Joanne!


  2. Janet’s avatar

    She looks like Ethan!

    Joyce says: can see the resemblance too?


  3. Sheila’s avatar

    Congratulations Joyce, Peter, Ethan and big sister Hannah : ) And welcome, baby Emma (lovely, lovely name!!). I see the Lord’s keeping all of you well. Praise Him!! And may you continue to find all the strength you need in Him, as you go about being the busy mommie. So happy to read your news, Joyce. God Bless and Blessed Easter.

    Joyce says: Thanks for stopping by Sheila! Indeed the Lord has blessed us abundantly 🙂 Can’t wait to catch up with you soon! Take care!


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    What a cutie!! Makes me want to have another ha ha

    Joyce says: Haha…why not?



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