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Emma at 1 Month

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Amazing how this tiny little bundle of joy is totally dependent on me for everything!  And it’s equally amazing how much I love her so…


9 lbs 4.5 oz (4.21 kilos).  Suffice to say, the infant carrier Emma *travels around* in is getting heavier by the day!  Her weight gain is excellent, and she is right on track, gaining approximately 1 kilo since she was born a month ago.


22″ (55.9 cm)

Motor Skills

  • Emma can slightly lift her head for short periods of time during tummy time, and at times she will just end up sucking on her fist.
  • She is still not very interested in toys, preferring to look into the eyes of the people carrying her.  She also likes to look at pictures on the wall.
  • Emma has a very firm and strong grip, and apart from grabbing onto my finger, she will hold on tightly to my hair too!  I have had to ask Pete for help in breaking her grip sometimes!
  • Emma loves sleeping in the sleeping sack, just like her brother Ethan.  It gives her tremendous comfort and keeps her warm too. She has begun to sleep less during the day, but just as I was hoping she would sleep longer through the nights, she wakes up like every hour or so too.  I blame it on the occassional growth spurts she gets, but I’m praying I’ll get more and more sleep soon.
Communication and Social Skills
  • To date, Emma looks rather serious and does not smile “willingly” yet.  I’ve only seen her smile a couple of times to me, and on a few occasions when she is sleeping.  We’re hoping she will smile more readily in the next month.
  • I can more or less tell the difference between her cries for hunger, for comfort, for burping, to be changed, or simply just for a hug and cuddle.  Emma loves to be cuddled and held, and I can always see the comfort on her face when I hold her.
  • Emma can recognize the familiar faces around her pretty well now.  If she cries and I pick her up, she will stop crying immediately.  Sometimes, if she wants milk, and Daddy picks her up, she will continue crying up until she gets “transferred” into my arms, and she will stop crying, just like “magic”.  She will sometimes remain quietly in her rocker, and when she hears my voice or sees me walking past, she will let out a cry.
  • Emma loves going for rides in the car.  More often that not, the vibrating and soothing effect of the moving car will provide her the comfortable environment to sleep in.



  • Emma’s umbilical cord stump dropped off on day 6 after she was born.  I was definitely surprised because I had expected it to fall off around the 10th day or so.
  • “Baby acne” still prevalent on her face and head, similar to those seen on Ethan and Hannah when they were wee babes.  Doctor says the acne will run its course over the next month.
  • Emma’s eyelashes are growing beautiful and long, just like her siblings’.  They frame her beautiful deep-set brown eyes so well too!
  • Emma loves to fall asleep in my arms, and more so if she has bare skin to skin contact.  I believe this must be due to the fact that she was exposed to the skin to skin concept immediately after birth.  She just seems so contented that way.

Food and Feeding
She is 100% on Mommy’s milk.  Occasionally I give her 1 ml (400IU) of Vitamin D drops (as prescribed by doctor) because babies who are exclusively breastfed and who live in the higher latitudes are advised to be supplemented this way.

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Blessed full moon, Emma.

    Joyce says: Thanks Joanne!


  2. Hui Sia’s avatar

    Happy Full Moon, pretty Emma.

    Joyce says: Thanks Hui Sia!


  3. Joey’s avatar

    One month already! Growing up nice and beautiful, Emma. Great job, mommy!

    Joyce says: Thanks Joey! Time really flies!



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