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Cooking Class

Lately Hannah has been slightly disinterested about going to school.  She would grumble about being sleepy in the morning and I would have a hard time waking her up.  Then she would be all clingy and did not want us to leave her in school in the morning, sometimes citing tiredness or tummy upsets.  Her teacher however, says that she is enjoying her time in school, and her uneasiness wears off after about 3 minutes.

Nevertheless we tried many methods to make her like going to school: bringing a soft toy, bringing a book to share, telling her about something interesting that would happen in school.  Some worked for a while.  She’s also been asking me to pick her up a little earlier from school.  You see, her class has activities in the a.m. and then lunch at about 11:30a.m. After lunch, the kids wind down for some quiet time or nap time, around 12:15p.m.  Hannah asks me to pick her up around 12:30p.m. and we’re guessing it could be that she’s a bit bored by the non-activity.

In any case, I’ve decided to start her off on a weekly cooking class on Fridays in school.  Hopefully it will be something she will look forward to every week for the next 2 months or so, at least till we leave.  (She’s been looking forward to her Phonics Adventures classes every Monday and Wednesday, so having a Friday cooking class to look forward to could be the answer!)

She had her first class last Friday, and I was surprised to see her get up early that day, all by herself too!  The Cooking Class method must be working, as she was excitedly looking forward to it the whole week!

Last week, she made Dunkaroo Dip, using yogurt, cool whip and confetti cake mix.  She definitely had fun making and sharing it with us when she brought it home.  We had the dip with some Teddy graham crackers.

I’m sure she can’t wait for her next cooking class! 🙂


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