Bible Verse of the Day

Here, There and Everywhere

During the past one month where I have been learning about this new world I’m in, Daddy and Mommy has brought me to so many new places! ¬†So many new things to see, I can safely assume I have been to more places than most of the newborns around! ūüôā

  • I visited my pediatrician twice; once when I was 2 weeks’ old and one more time when I was a month old. ¬†I didn’t like it when they undressed me and placed me on this weighing scale thing, but Daddy and Mommy sure seemed happy after they took my weight. ¬†Also, I had a Hepatitis B jab during my 2nd visit. ¬†Didn’t like that at all! ¬†Hmmph.
  • I’ve followed Daddy, Mommy, Ethan and Hannah out on countless occasions to several restaurants for their meals. ¬†Japanese food, Vietnamese food, fast food…they sure eat a LOT. ¬†Me? ¬†I’m just contented with Mommy’s breast milk – yummy!
  • One several occasions, they brought me along to this ice cream store called Coldstone Creamery where they bought their ice cream to go. ¬†Daddy said something about me crying, so they had to get it to go.
  • I’ve also been to grocery stores, sometimes just Mommy and me. ¬†It’s never too early to learn about shopping, they say. ¬†Mommy pushed me around in a stroller and managed to get the groceries done.
  • Mommy has also brought me along to my brother Ethan’s school to drop him off, and she also takes me down with her when she drops my sister Hannah off at her school. ¬†The cool weather is just right for me, but there were a couple of days when it was a little bit windy. ¬†I heard Mommy saying that it’s much warmer now and that it was a good thing I was born a little later, after the unforgiving cold winter.

I’m looking forward to more exciting outings ahead…psst…I heard that they are planning some as we speak! ¬†Well, I ain’t complaining as long as they keep me clean and dry and ensure that my supply of milk is readily available all the time! ūüėÄ


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