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The Accident

It was just like any normal Saturday.  We woke up and lazed around at home, before getting ready to go out for lunch.  We were all still a little tired after our trip to New York, but we were all glad to have had a good night’s sleep.

Lunch was at our favorite Japanese restaurant; Ethan would have his favorite chicken katsu set and Hannah loved the oranges that were provided as dessert.  The kids had finished their lunch and I was just about to finish mine when the accident happened. 🙁

Ethan and Hannah had got up from their seats and were playing not too far away from where we were seated.  The restaurant was rather empty at that time, so they had quite some space to themselves.  Suddenly, we heard a loud thud and when Pete and I look towards the kids, we saw Hannah faced down on the floor.

I got up immediately to help her up, and I was shocked to see blood running down from a big wound on her forehead.  I hurriedly took her to the bathroom to wash up, but after wiping the blood away, my knees went weak when I saw what a big gash it was.  I decided to ask Pete to wash the wound up instead.  Hannah was sobbing, but I could tell she was very strong.

We did not see how the accident had happened, but Ethan said Hannah had ran and tried to grab on to a nearby pole.  She missed and hit her head on the back of a chair and then fell on the floor.  The impact from either the chair or the floor must have caused the big gash.

The waiter gave us a couple of band aids to cover the wound up meanwhile, but we knew we had to bring her immediately into Urgent Care.  When we arrived at the medical center, the nurse calmly told me she had to check if a doctor was available.  Well, thankfully we were able to get someone to see Hannah almost immediately.  She had stopped crying then, which was a good sign.

Upon checking the wound and cleaning her up, the doctor said that he would need to stitch up the wound.  First, some numbing gel was applied to the wound and I had to hold a cotton gauze on the wound to make sure the numbing gel would take effect.  After 10 minutes, the nurse replaced the cotton gauze with a fresh piece and also a fresh application of numbing gel.  The nurse also gave Hannah an “I Spy” book to occupy her time while we waited for the gel to take effect.

I tried my very best to put on a brave face for my darling Hannah, although being a Mommy, I was all freaked out beyond belief.

She asked, “Is it gonna hurt, Mommy?”

I told her, “No Hannah, the doctor will only sew up the wound so it will become better.”

And she replied, “Okay Mommy.  I will try my best to be brave.”

And she was. Indeed. 🙂

The doctor came in soon after and got ready to stitch up the wound.  Hannah held my hands when the doctor put the first stitch in, but she said she didn’t need to hold my hands after that anymore.  All in all, there were 3 stitches and also a running stitch all the way through the wound.  Hannah kept very still throughout the entire procedure, although she did seem a little bored towards the end.

The doctor and nurse both said that Hannah did very well, and that she deserved a gold medal, to which she replied after they were done with the stitches, “So where’s my gold medal?” 🙂

After the stitching, the doctor washed the wound up and put an adhesive-like substance on either side of the stitched wound and then applied a thin striped bandage to cover the wound up.  The stitches would be removed this coming Friday but meanwhile we were told to keep the wound dry.

Hannah left the medical center with three pretty stickers too, all her own choices.  We’re praying that her wound would heal up beautifully and well.  She’s looking forward to removing her stitches in a few days’ time.

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Brave girl, Hannah.

    Joyce says: Thanks Joanne


  2. Joanne’s avatar

    thumbs up to Little Hannah!!!! The rainbow mural really make an effect, can calm people down

    Joyce says: Yeah, I think happy and bright things do have that effect 🙂 – By the way, why did you create a new blog?


  3. Argentinadog’s avatar

    Brave girl, Hannah! Get well soon! 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks bro! 🙂


  4. RachelToh’s avatar

    Hannah is so brave. Cant believe no crying and steady. Well done Hannah. I m so proud of you

    Joyce says: Yes, I am so very proud of her. She’s a real trooper, that one.


  5. jemima’s avatar

    Hurrah for Hannah!!!

    I don’t see any sign of a little girl who just had stitches in the last photo.
    Instead I see a million dollar smile.

    God bless your three precious ones always.

    Joyce says: Thanks Jemima, for your kind words. They made me smile 🙂



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