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Ya Gotta Love The Beautiful Game

Last Saturday morning, Ethan attended his first soccer practice.  It was an 8-week program we had signed him up for, and he had been eagerly looking forward to it.  All this while, he had only been watching soccer (football) matches on the telly and also “practising” his skills indoors.

Here he is, reluctantly posing for the camera because he could not wait to go for the practice.

Don’t those boots look totally awesome? 🙂

He was given a jersey with a random number, coincidentally his was number 20. #rvp

I thought the jersey was super cool.  It was black on one side and if you turn it over, it was silver grey; made such that they could use it for home and away games with other teams!

The kids went through some basic dribbling exercises, taking turns to shoot and defend and then just controlling the ball.  The soccer practice ended with a match between Ethan’s team and another team.

Ethan had a whole lot of fun and has been telling me about his “plans” on how to score goals in the upcoming match this coming Saturday.


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