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Picture Day Photos

Recently, Ethan and Hannah, both on separate occasions, had their pictures taken in school for the obligatory Picture Day shots.  I suppose they would have had one earlier on in Fall had we been here then, but since we only arrived around Winter, the Picture Day shots they got were for Spring this time around.

Here’s a glimpse of what the pictures look like:

The pictures come in several different sizes and types and in some cases, different poses and backgrounds too.

In a way, I am glad they only had one in Spring because these pictures are exorbitantly priced!!  I mean we’re not forced to buy or anything, but this is how the photographer does it.

After the pictures are taken, they send a package back home with several printouts of your child’s photos.  The tricky part is where the cost structure comes in.  For example, it will be All 5 sheets for $44, Any 4 for $56, Any 3 for $42, Any 2 for $28 and Any 1 for $14.  We are asked to pay for whatever we want and return the rest.

Because I am simply paranoid about what they would do with the returned photos, I simply bought all. SIGH.  A sign a weakness on my part, I know…but …

In any case, I really love the photos!  For one important thing, thick makeup isn’t applied on the kids (unlike in most Malaysian schools). 🙂

Well, as cliché as it sounds, kids are kids just once in their lives anyway… and I’m enjoying these pictures as it is 🙂

  1. Charmaine’s avatar

    What lovely photos, beautiful smiles and poses too. You have to buy them. They do the same here when my girls were in pre-school. Lucky now in primary and high school, there is only photo but comes in different sizes and packages.

    Joyce says: Phew! So I’m not the only one who buys them! hahaha…



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