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Bible Verse of the Day


Last Friday, Ethan’s school organized a Science-O-Rama (like a school science fair) for the 1st Graders. ¬†Parents were invited to attend the event in the child’s individual classrooms for a half an hour.

They were studying about the life cycle of plants and seeds, which coincidentally was what Hannah was learning about too, so I brought Hannah along with me too.

Pushing a baby stroller and walking with Hannah, we made it to Ethan’s school in time for the event, even though it was a rainy day.

The Science-O-Rama event was an impromptu one and the kids would just explain to their parents what they had been learning about and would show them their “plant folder”, together with some seeds they had planted: Zinnia and Pumpkin.

The kids also took turns planting two other seeds: Carrots and Turnips. ¬†Here’s Ethan scooping up some seeds to plant in his cup:

I loved the interaction between the parents and kids during the event, and it was also a fun way for the parents to be taken on a tour around the kid’s class.


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