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Cute Gift For Father’s Day


Ethan and Hannah had waited till the clock struck midnight to wish their Daddy a Happy Father’s Day.  Then they presented him with gifts they had made.

Hannah made picture frame with her picture and a message that said, “I love you Daddy” and Ethan wrote an interesting account on Daddy for him in a huge card.  Hannah had also made a paper necktie and decorated it all by herself.  Those of you who follow me on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram might have seen it, yes?

Well, in the morning, she asked Daddy to wear the tie while he had breakfast, but when we were on our way out for lunch, Hannah exclaimed, “Oh no…I wanted Daddy to wear the tie I made for him to lunch!”

Daddy said, “That’s okay Hannah, I’ll wear it at home..”

Hannah replied, “Wear it for dinner, okay, Daddy?”

Daddy said, “Just at home, all right?”

Hannah pleaded, “Dinner Daddy, please..????”

And Daddy said okay.

When dinnertime came and we were preparing to go out, Ethan conveniently “reminded” Daddy about the tie.  So Daddy wore the adorable tie to dinner at McDonald’s.

Ain’t it sweet? 🙂


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