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Emma at 4 Months

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Emma turned 4 months just a few days ago.  Before we left the States, we took her to her pediatrician to have her early 4-month well child checkup.  So the weight and height measurements below are taken at about 2 weeks before she actually hit 4 months.


13.12 lbs (5.95 kilos): 42.77 percentile


25 in (63.5 cm): 88.09 percentile (She’s a tall baby!)

Motor Skills

  • Emma is able to hold her head up much longer when on her tummy now.  Her neck muscles are getting stronger!
  • Drooling a LOT!
  • Loves to suck on anything in sight.  Lately her favorite “items” are her own fists, and our fingers (when we are holding her).
  • Kicks a lot and likes to flap and move her arms around.
  • Loves to stick her tongue out, prompting her siblings to *report* her behaviour. “Mommy, Emma’s sticking her tongue out.  That’s not very nice now, is it?
  • She might be growing too long for her 0-6 months sleeping sack, I’d reckon.  She is now able to rotate her body around her crib, even though she is in the sleeping sack!  Time to upgrade her to the 6-12 months sack! 🙂
  • Her favorite “pose” is grabbing onto her toes (and looking adorable while doing so).  She can also be sometimes seen tasting her toes!

Communication and Social Skills

  • Still cooing and a lot and making many non-verbal expressions.  Most of the expressions really remind us of Ethan was he was a little baby.
  • When she cries, it sometimes sounds like she is sounding the syllable “ma”….could she be calling “Mommy” soon? *hopeful*
  • Long gone are the days when we complained that she doesn’t smile, for nowadays she is a really smiley baby.
  • Looks at us intently with those deep-set brown eyes.  Most of the time, she loves it when we sing to her, for instance songs like Old McDonald’s and action songs like “If You’re Happy and You Know It”.
  • Is contented just to have Mommy hold her, not even for feeding.  Just holding her and doing nothing will soothe and calm her.  She will get agitated if she sometimes does not see me, or if someone holds her instead.
  • A little ticklish.
  • Since we returned home to Penang, she has been disliking the car rides and going out, preferring instead to stay in the comfort and security of home.  She would cry her heart out, determined to have us pick her up or to have us bring her back home.


  •  Her sleep pattern is getting more consistent now.  She is used to the night time routine we’ve set out for her, so she falls asleep pretty easily after her shower in the evenings.
  • We’re still working on moisturizing her skin and getting rid of the rough patches.  She is still scratching herself quite a bit, so we need to ensure her nails are short and trimmed all the time.

Food and Feeding

She is 100% on Mommy’s milk.  Showing a keen interest in food, or so we think.  When we eat our meals, she will make quite a fuss, so at times I will need to breastfeed her while eating.  Hope the introduction to solid foods will be a smooth-sailing one!


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