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The Flip-and-Rollover

Her first time rolling over was probably sometime last week, when I placed her on her playmat and walked away to wash some dishes.  I asked Ethan to keep an eye on Emma and after a few minutes, Ethan called out and told me Emma had rolled over and out of her playmat!

Since then, she has shown keen interest in trying to roll over but it wasn’t until August 7th (the day our new set of wheels arrived), that Emma finally *officially* DID IT!

And as if to prove that she could do it all on her own, she kept flipping and rolling over, again and again and again.  She would extend one hand to her back when she’s on her tummy though, so sometimes she finds it difficult to support herself.  For now, she is only turning to her right, and yes, this would mean busier days ahead for me, as I have to constantly help her either roll back or pick her up and place her back on her back (only to have her roll over again!)

Today, she started to prop herself up on her elbows after she’d rolled over!  Great job, Emma! 🙂

A fascinating fact I realized is that I can actually remember the actual dates my kids hit their rollover milestone:

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Wow…you really have good memory. Good to see beautiful Emma growing well. She looks so much like Hannah.

    Joyce says: Well yeah.. 🙂 And also, having a blog helps to ensure the memories remain!



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