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All Bowled Over

Recently the kids expressed a genuine interest in trying their hand at bowling.  They had “practised” bowling in the iPad and also in the arcades, but never the real deal.

So yesterday, I organized a small kids’ bowling session with friends.  Someone recommended the Premium Lanes bowling center at Sunshine Square, as it was rather new, non-smoky and had suitable balls and shoes for kids.  Ethan and Hannah were literally counting the hours till we left the house, and yes…it was my first time bringing all three kids out on my own.  (Well, now that we have two cars, it’s easier for me to bring the kids out)

We chose the morning session because the rates were considerably cheaper (RM3.50 per person per game), and I had called earlier to arrange for the retractable rails to be set up for our bowling lanes too.  Retractable rails are the latest in bumper bowling, which is so cool if kids are bowling.  It ensures the bowling balls don’t roll down the gutter!

This bowling center had shoes to fit the kids too, even Hannah!  Rental of bowling shoes was RM2.00 per pair.  We paid for one game each first to see if the kids would like it, but at the end of the two hours plus, the kids went through 3 games!

The lightest bowling ball was the 6lb one, which Hannah used.  Ethan used the 8lb ball, I think.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering how I managed with 3 kids, baby Emma did the wisest thing: she fell fast asleep right through the entire bowling session!!

The kids had fun bowling.  Never mind that their technique was not correct.  Never mind that the ball sometimes deflected against the railings to score a spare!  It was certainly a great session, of plain fun and making friends…and guess what…the kids have requested to go yet again! 😀


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