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Emma at 5 Months

Scrap Credits
Sweetheart QP from Delicious Scraps
Boxed words from Chantal
Boxed words (Volume 2 – Spring) from Chantal Taake


No up to date measurement as yet, I’m guessing probably around 7 kilos, at least.


No up to date measurement too, but she sure seems to be outgrowing her bath tub!  (so soon!!!)

Motor Skills

  • Emma started to rollover several days before she hit the 5-month mark.  Her head support is getting stronger and stronger now.
  • She can wiggle and squirm and move her body around in circles.
  • Loves to suck everything in sight: her fingers, her toes, our fingers, her fist..and so we started giving her a little teether too.
  • She can hold both feet up in the Happy Baby pose (Yoga) .

Communication and Social Skills

  • Emma adores her siblings.  Ethan and Hannah enjoy making Emma giggle and when she does, it’s the most wonderful sound in the world!
  • Emma is officially a SMILEY baby now.
  • She loves bath time, and sometimes cries and complains when it is over.
  • Loves listening to songs being sung to her.
  • Loves being with Mommy all the time, but nowadays is quite contented to be with Daddy too, as long as she’s not hungry.
  • She’s starting to love car rides, maybe it’s our new wheels, and also maybe it was just a phase she was going through last time.  Most of the time now, she can and will fall asleep while riding in the car.


  •  Her sleep pattern is getting more consistent now.  She is used to the night time routine we’ve set out for her, so she falls asleep pretty easily after her shower in the evenings.  Praying it stays that way and gets better and better with time.
  • On good days, she wakes up on average once a night for her short night-time feed.  Sometimes she is up again at about 5a.m. and will not fall asleep till 7a.m.
  • We’re still moisturizing her skin several times a day to get rid of the rough patches, especially on her limbs and her neck.  She is still scratching herself quite a bit, so we need to ensure her nails are short and trimmed all the time.

Food and Feeding

She is 100% on Mommy’s milk.  Showing a keen interest in food, or so we think.  She will stare at my cup when I drink.


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