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Here’s One for Malaysia Day

Children are tomorrow’s generation, and who better to carry the mindset of change better than children themselves?  With ever-open minds that absorb knowledge like a sponge, a child’s education is determined by his upbringing and his exposure to events around him.  As parents, we play a pivotal role in ensuring our children get a wholesome education not just for now, but for life.  We are examples for our children through what we do and say.

A couple of months ago, while we were in Six Flags, a lady manning the cash register struck a conversation with Ethan.

Lady: Hey buddy…how are you doing?
Ethan: Good!
Lady: Did you have a great time today?
Ethan: Yes, we had so much fun!
Lady: Where are you guys from?  Are you guys Chinese?
Ethan: No.  We’re Malaysians!

Earlier last week, I was with Ethan and Emma at the bank, to open a savings account for Emma.  While getting the documentation sorted out, Ethan was waiting for me at the side when one of the bank officers/tellers started making small talk with him.

Bank Officer: Is your father an Englishman? (I think she meant Caucasian.  We get that a lot because a lot of people seem to think our kids look mixed…well, anyway…)
Ethan: No he’s not.
Bank Officer: No?
Ethan: Yeah, my Dad is a Malaysian!
Bank Officer: Malaysian? But Malaysian got 3 TYPES wor… Malay, Chinese and Indian.  Which one? (What the..??  Now you see how most Malaysians are still bent on race)
Ethan: Malay!


I’m extremely proud of Ethan that without any prompting from us, he can confidently answer that he is a Malaysian, forgoing the need to stress whether it’s Malay, Chinese, Indian or “lain-lain”.  If only more Malaysians can think the same way…

Happy Malaysia Day, everyone!

  1. cre8tone’s avatar

    Haha! I’m proud of him, too!~

    Joyce says: Thanks!



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