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More Chomps Ahead!

For the past couple of weeks, sleeping at night has been a whirlwind of inconsistency and disturbance.  Emma would wake up crying and kicking, unable to fall back to sleep even after being breastfed.  I’ve had to carry and rock her and sometimes bring her outside to our living room and eventually she would fall asleep.  By the time I’d realized it, it would be close to dawn and almost time for me to wake up (normally).

Initially I thought it was attributed to her 6th month growth spurt, but just last week, as she was sucking on my finger, I felt a rough edge on her bottom gum.  Upon closer inspection, I realized that…yes, our girl has cut her first teeth!  We can definitely see her 2 bottom incisors peeking out from her gums, and finally that’s when it all made sense!

Here’s a quick photo I took of her today…if you zoom in really closely, you can see the incisors 🙂

I’m excited for my baby girl, but in the same vein…*yawn* I’m yearning for more sleep!

(By the way, October seems to be a favorite month for all my kids to start teething:  Ethan’s first teeth & Hannah’s first teeth)

  1. Joey’s avatar

    I feel your need for a full night’s rest, Joyce! October is a busy month for the tooth fairies! Besides Emma, two of my friends’ babies are teething too. Mine as well, so I haven’t been getting much sleep lately too. Xan’s third and fourth teeth just cut through and she’s starting to bite accidentally. I got her an amber necklace but only saw slight improvement. Here’s to more restful nights! 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks Joey. Hope you get more rest too!



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