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This Post Is Brought To You By The Letter Z

About a week before the last day of school, Hannah told me that there was going to be a special dress-up party in school on the day before the school holidays were to start.  She learns phonics using Letterland characters, and her teacher had told her class that they each were to choose one of the Letterland characters to dress up as.

The following day, I found out from her teacher that in addition to dressing up, they each had to bring a food item that began with the sound made by that Letterland character.  For example, Clever Cat could bring cupcakes, cheese or carrots.

So after some deliberation and discussion with Hannah, she decided that she wanted to be Zig Zag Zebra.  I even French-braided her hair for her that morning…because that’s the closest we could get to a zebra’s mane!

And when I asked her what on earth I could possibly make that began with Z, she immediately exclaimed, “Zucchini Pie!”

You see, I had made Zucchini Pie a few weeks ago, and had asked Hannah and Ethan to help out then, so I guess that’s why she remembered.

So the night before saw me making this…it’s actually not Zucchini Pie per se, but more like mini Zucchini Pies or Zucchini tots.  Tastes awesome and plus, the kids are getting their greens with this one too! 🙂


Hannah also presented cute handmade bookmarks to her teachers as a token of gratitude.  She had picked those flowers during one of our evening walks and we pressed it in a book.  I then laminated them for her.

Goodbye Nursery, we’re looking forward to a splendid and exciting year ahead next year in K1!


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