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Emma at 9 Months

Scrap Credits
Joyeux Noel QP from Fancy Bird Design


About 8 kilos.


Not measured.


2 bottom incisors.

Motor Skills

  • Emma crawls pretty comfortably now.  She can move from sitting to crawling and back to sitting position easily.  She can sometimes spend a little longer on the floor playing with her baby toys.
  • She love pulling herself up to standing position and is showing signs of cruising soon.  She absolutely loves it when we praise her for doing a good job standing up.
  • Everything goes into the mouth.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Still waiting for that first “Mommy”…although we hear a lot of “Mamamama……”
  • She loves it when I involve her to clap her hands.
  • Very interested in her siblings’ Lego pieces.  She makes a conscious attempt to crawl to those pieces but she is always stopped by us.  Ethan and Hannah will say, “No Emma…when you are 18 months, you can play with the Lego Duplo.  This is not for you!”


  • Constant moisturizing of her skin is essential, at least 4-5 times a day, in the process of healing her eczema.
  • We’re hoping our new place (with less dust) will be key to curing her eczema.

Food and Feeding

Her diet is mostly 100% on Mommy’s milk, and she eats mostly fruits at other times.  I will be starting her off on some protein soon.


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