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Hannah’s First Soccer Training

After a hiatus of about 3 months, Ethan’s soccer training finally resumed at a new location, nearer to where we live.  Ethan was thrilled of course, and was looking forward to the commencement of the session.  However Hannah also expressed an interest to participate in the training.  The facilitator said she could come and try to see if she likes it, so yesterday was the first session.

Daddy was hesitant too, about Hannah’s participation…Hannah being a “princess” and all, but we decided to let her have a go at it, at least for the first time.

She seemed to enjoy the session yesterday because there weren’t many kids then.  She “scored” a few goals herself too, and the senior coach commented that she was rather good.

We’ll see how it goes this Friday.  There’s another session coming up and she says she wants to go again. 😀

(Sorry about the blurred photo – I took them using my phone from quite a distance away)

  1. cre8tone’s avatar

    enjoy the training session!~



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