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Bible Verse of the Day

Getting To Know You

Name: Ethan

Age: 8

Wakes up at…

7:30a.m. on weekdays and approximately 8:00a.m. on weekends.


Twice a day; once in the morning upon waking and once at night before winding down.  Can shower independently now.  Only once a day during weekends.

Favorite Food

  • Chicken rice
  • Chicken sandwich with fresh lettuce, cucumber slices and mayo
  • Wan ton mee
  • Beehoon soup with chicken slices and lettuce
  • Grilled salmon with rice and sliced fruit or fresh greens
  • Spaghetti marinara.

(A far cry from what he used to eat years ago :))

Favorite Sport


Favorite Soccer Team in BPL

Manchester City

Favorite Man City player

Álvaro Negredo

Musical Instrument

Ukulele.  Practising Amazing Grace currently.  Might move on to guitar later if still keen. 😛

Favorite TV show

Amazing Race, American Ninja Warrior, The Voice, Slugterra

Favorite Books

Geronimo Stilton and Magic Tree House series

Favorite Songs

  • Happy (Pharell Williams)
  • Radioactive (Imagine Dragons)
  • Demons (Imagine Dragons)
  • Counting Stars (One Republic)
  • Empire (Shakira)
  • All Of Me (John Legend)


Professional soccer/football player

If you want to know anything else about him, let me know and I’ll pass the question on… 🙂

  1. Preeta’s avatar

    Hello Ethan! It was lovely to meet you in Penang last year! I do have some questions for you 🙂 .

    1) What’s your favourite ice cream flavour?

    2) What are your favourite smells?

    3) What’s your earliest memory?

    Ethan says: Hello Aunty Preeta! Here are my answers:

    1) What’s your favourite ice cream flavour? Chocolate

    2) What are your favourite smells? Orange and Lavender (the smell of my shampoo)

    3) What’s your earliest memory? Walking around Queensbay Mall at the age of 2


  2. Preeta’s avatar

    Hey, good answers, Ethan! I suppose it’s only fair I answer my own questions. My favourite ice cream flavour is coffee; my favourite smells are pandan and coriander leaves; my earliest memory is sitting in my older brother’s lap wearing a checked blue nightdress when I was about 2 🙂 .

    Joyce says: How come I don’t recall these being written in my autograph book years ago? 🙂



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