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Little Missy Had a Little Pedicure!

I decided to give Hannah a little treat for the holidays and took her for her first pedicure ever!  Well, it wasn’t exactly a pedicure because she didn’t get the foot soak and she had no callouses to treat, so she only got her nails trimmed and painted.

Nevertheless, she was very excited when the day came and kept reminding me to be on time because she did not want to be late.

First she got to sit in the big soft armchair while her toenails were trimmed.  While waiting Hannah chose her nail polish color.  She was so amazed by all the colors available!

Eventually she chose a golden glittery color… very “blingy” but a very good choice. 🙂

The pedicurist even offered to draw a little flower on each of her big toenails.  Cute huh?

We certainly have a very happy (and pretty) camper here! 😀

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    Wow Hannah. Your toes are so attractive, just like you 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks Joanne…I will be sure to pass her the compliment!


  2. Pei Sun’s avatar

    wow…pampering her with the pedicure…look so cute with the little toenails…. 😉

    Joyce says: Yeah, thank you!



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