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The Sunflower Growing Competition

Here’s an interesting and fun activity that we can all do with our family (regardless of age).

When September came around, we decided to have this little interesting competition of our own. Since I had just gotten hold of some sunflower seeds from my aunt, I suggested we each plant a sunflower and see whose will bloom first.

The planter I used could fit five sunflower plants just right, so we labelled the spots accordingly and each selected two sunflower seeds. Two for insurance… Just in case one didn’t sprout.

And then we waited.  And waited (and watered daily) …..and waited some more.

One week later… And this is what we have currently:


As you can see, only the kids’ seeds have sprouted.  Ethan’s sprouted first (after 5 days), followed by Emma’s and then Hannah’s.

I just hope mine won’t be the last one to sprout. Okay, I just hope mine will eventually sprout … and bloom.

Watch this space for more updates in time to come! 🙂


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