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Baby Steps: From a Baby to a Toddler

My little baby Emma became a toddler not too long ago.  Whilst we were expecting her to walk around 12-13 months, she had her own plans and preferred to take her own time and was so far only cruising and not walking unsupported.

Because she tended to scratch her skin due to eczema, I have had to dress her up on sleep-n-play onesies that cover her feet most of the time.  That could have caused her apprehension to walk sooner because it was quite slippery compared to stepping out on bare feet.  A few weeks ago, I decided to put her in regular onesies and allowed her to explore.

By and by, she gained some confidence and started reaching out from point to point and taking baby steps to reach places.  Over the next few weeks, she started walking more and more.  From two steps to three, then four, then all the way to the foot of the staircase!!  Oooops!!!

Awww…I’m feeling emotional just watching her attain this milestone of hers, officially elevating her status from baby to toddler.


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