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Emma at 19 Months

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7.6 – 7.7 kilos.  Our latest visit at the pediatrician had her weight read at 8.1 kilos but I reckon that was just the additional weight of the diaper and clothes.


Not measured.


11 teeth: 5 bottom teeth (3 incisors and 2 canines) and 6 upper teeth (4 incisors and 2 canines).

Motor Skills

  • Emma is now walking more and more and getting confident in doing so.  She started by using her arms for balance but now, sometimes she will just walk really quickly without extending her arms.
  • Eagerly tries to walk up the stairs!! :O Mommy is getting tired just chasing her around the house.
  • She has also started to attempt climbing up on stools and chairs and anything at all within her climbing reach.
  • For the past few months, she has started to turn around to “see” what is in front when she is placed in her rear-facing child seat in the car.  Recent studies have advised that the child should be at least 10 kilos and aged 2 years before switching to a forward-facing seat, so wait we will.

Communication and Social Skills

  • She understands when I say “Let’s go upstairs” or “Let’s go downstairs”; she will point to the direction we want to go.
  • She also understands simple instructions like “Please bring me the car”, or “Please give this to Mommy”
  • Says “Buh-bye” very clearly while waving and at the right time too, e.g. when a show she is watching has ended, or when leaving a room to bid farewell.
  • Emma loves to hold the remote and she will sometimes pretend that it is a phone, holding it to her ear and pretend to talk.
  • Says “uh-oh” or “oh” when she accidentally drops something.


  • Ever since she started walking, I have been showering her without the use of the bath tub.  She stands in the shower stall while I wash her.  So we definitely have a pre-loved baby bath tub for sale now. 😛
  • Lately I have also noticed that when she is about to poopoo, she will stop whatever she is doing, look at me worriedly, and say something in “baby talk”.  It could be “per per” or “baba”.  Sometimes she will point to her diaper too!  Perhaps it’s about time I start potty training for poopoo.

Food and Feeding

Most of her diet still consists of Mommy’s milk but she is showing an increasingly keen interest in the food and drinks we take.  Soon (we hope) she will be able to eat whatever we eat at meals.  She will sometimes self-feed herself with her hands, and I allow her to do so with finger food and snacks.  Sometimes she will also attempt to feed herself with her spoon.  This is all well and good and in line with my relaxed approach to baby-led weaning.


Some of the foods she has tried in the past month are:

  • Red lentils (in the form of homemade dhall): she made a face at first but she liked it a little after that.
  • Dried cranberries (courtesy of Daddy)
  • Moringa leaves (these are from my home garden 🙂 – I plucked some leaves out and added them to her porridge)
  • Flaxseed meal (sprinkled onto her porridge or oats)
  • Bayam (local spinach)
  • Wolfberries/Goji berries (usually added into her porridge or soup)
  • Udon (which I cut into small lengths and feed her using chopsticks)

Her favorite food currently is homemade pumpkin and beetroot porridge.  Sometimes I add in a bit of chicken for that extra taste.  I love the bright color and interesting texture of this combo, and Emma loves it too!


So far though, she has not taken a liking to tacos, naan, bread and guacamole. 🙁  I’m working on it…


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