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Emma at 20 Months

Emma-20monthsScrap Credits
a hopping hallOween QP freebie from Sahlin Studio


7.7 – 7.8 kilos.


Not measured.


11 teeth: 5 bottom teeth (3 incisors and 2 canines) and 6 upper teeth (4 incisors and 2 canines).

Motor Skills

  • Emma can do a perfect down dog.
  • Her walking speed has increased in leaps and bounds.  I have no doubt that she’ll start hopping, running and jumping soon.
  • She can also climb up the stairs (on all fours) pretty quickly now.
  • She has a pretty strong grip and she loves to hold on to the grille gate and place her feet on the bottom-most bar.  That’s how she greets Daddy’s return home every day.

Communication and Social Skills

  • Emma will shake her head for “no” and “I don’t want to”; and nod her head when she means “yes”.
  • She seems happier nowadays, and we delight in hearing her giggle all the time.
  • Seems to call “Mahmeeee….!!!” only when she is desperate enough to get attention.

Food and Feeding

Emma is eating almost everything we eat now with the exception of very salty or very sweet foods.  I’m also not giving her shellfish and dairy just yet.

However, we can see that she really loves food, and shows a keen interest in whatever we are eating.

She loves her nutritious bowl of homemade chicken porridge and is getting better and better at self-feeding.

I also found a little pre-loved plastic straw bottle, which Emma loves to drink from now.  You’ll see it in the picture above.  We’re hoping this will help her drink more water.


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