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School’s Out!

Hannah had been excitedly waiting for the last day of school on Friday.  She even planned what to wear and which hair clip she wanted to put on.  Don’t get me wrong…she does enjoy school, but according to her, she enjoys holidays as well. 🙂  (Don’t we all?)

It would be her last day of school in K1 (Kindergarten 1) and next year, she would be in K2 (Kindergarten 2).  To celebrate, her class had a party with an early Christmas gift exchange for the kids.  Actually, I think she was really looking forward to the gift exchange.

I baked some graham crackers as a last-minute thingy and Hannah and I prepared these little succulents in pots as gifts for her teachers.


I found these cute gift tags which suited the pots, so I downloaded and printed them; and Hannah decorated them.


She helped me arrange the tags in the pot and she insisted on bringing them to class all by herself.  I think these make pretty gifts. 🙂

Later, after school, Hannah told me all about the party, what she ate and what she did.  Then she told me, “Mommy, today was a great day for me!”

Awww…I just love it when the kids are happy like that. 🙂


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