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Back to School for the New Year


My little snowflake Hannah starts Kindergarten 2 (K2) today.  Her school is not observing the one-week delay in school start date due to the floods in the East Coast.

How did time fly by so fast?  I could still remember the first day I took her to her Playgroup class 3 years ago… and now she’s all independent and grown-up.

*insert music for reminiscing here*

Anyway, she was very excited and got up on her own at 6:30a.m. today, washed up and got herself ready.  She chose her entire outfit and was pleased as punch that they matched from head to toe.  She wore the hairband I made for her today, so in a way, she took a piece of Mommy along.

Well okay…I’ll stop being so emotional.

Have a splendid year ahead, snowflake! 🙂


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