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Bible Verse of the Day

The First Fallen Tooth

She had been waiting anxiously for this moment since her bottom two incisors started wiggling about 2 weeks ago.  And just yesterday while we were out shopping, the inevitable happened.  A milestone for my little snowflake Hannah.

Just 3 weeks shy of her 6th birthday, she excitedly announced that her tooth had fallen out.  I was queueing up to pay for our purchases when it happened, so Daddy gave her some tissues and napkins to clean up and wrap her tooth carefully.

See how tiny it is?


When we got home, Hannah wrote a short note to the Tooth Fairy and at night she placed it under her pillow.


She woke up excitedly today, and showed me the note the Tooth Fairy had left her.  She even took it to school to show her teacher!


She showed Ethan the note too, and when Ethan saw it, he said, “It looks like Mommy’s writing!” 😛



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