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Massage and Music: A Young Entrepreneurial Effort


Last week, we attended a simple Trade Show Ethan’s class put up. The students were divided in 4 entrepreneurial teams and Ethan’s team was called TMS (Team Services).  They came up with the idea of providing shoulder massages for a fee (RM1 per minute), and in return the “customers” would be entertained to nice ukulele music and served green tea!

Guessed who the ukulele player was? 🙂


Hannah wanted to get the 5-minute massage, and in return she got a chance to win something from the lucky draw box too!



Yeah…while adults were served green tea, the kids were served milo!

It was so interesting to see the kids running their businesses; there was a stall selling cakes and muffins, and yet another selling keychains and bracelets.  The kids even designed and printed their own business cards!

At the end of the day, the funds collected will be channeled towards the class fund to be used in future school trips and to purchase student supplies.  I think this is an excellent exposure for the kids and I’m sure they all had fun running the trade show.



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