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Modified Schedule for the Week

Those of you who follow me on my personal blog Giddy Tigers and also on Facebook, would be aware of the fact that we were in a fender bender about 3.5 weeks ago.  Unfortunately, due to delays and finger-pointing, the car is still under repair and will only be ready this Saturday.  That’s the date that was given to me, and I really hope there will be no surprises.

Anyway, during the days following the accident, we have been making do with just one car, travelling half the island almost every day, with some days Daddy working from home.  However, this week, we could not afford the flexibility because Daddy has a full week of seminars and has visitors coming in, plus he has to travel to Kulim some days, so for this week our schedule is modified with one that does not involve Mommy with a car.


In the mornings, Ethan will either be dropped off at school by Daddy or I will walk him to school.  It’s a good thing that his school is just about 5-10 minutes’ walk away, and so that’s a bonus.  In the afternoons, I will walk to school to pick him up, bringing along his sisters, complete with hats! 😛  It’s an excellent exercise session, but my only complaint would be the hot afternoon sun.

As for Hannah, since her school is not within walking distance, I arranged for the school van transportation to ferry her to and from school this week.  So far this arrangement is working out well, and Hannah looks forward to her van rides every day.  I see her off at the door and meet her when she gets off the van.


Emma, on the other hand, will enjoy more home time, since she doesn’t need to be packed into and out of the car, like I usually do during our regular school runs.

Next week, our old schedule will be reinstated.


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