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Emma at 26 Months


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8.3 – 8.4 kilos


Not measured.


I think she has 19.  Hopefully I will be able to check in more detail soon…or perhaps when we take her for her first dental checkup soon.  Meanwhile, this is what I think she has: 9 bottom teeth (3 incisors, 2 canines, 4 molars) and  (maybe) 10 upper teeth (4 incisors, 2 canines and 4 molars).


Motor Skills

  • Is attempting to walk up and down the stairs on her own, while holding on to the balustrade.  Scary!!
  • Can imitate action songs very well. e.g. If You’re Happy and You Know It.
  • Climbs on anything and everything.
  • Will carry her stool over to the sink and climb on it to wash hands.
  • She will try her best to wriggle out of her onesie jammies


Communication and Social Skills


  • My favorite part of her development this month was when she distinctly and clearly called in a sweet voice, “Mommy!!” It has been very consistent now and errr…quite hard for me to say no to.
  • She knows most of her animal sounds, but somehow according to Emma, the cow is quite a “scary” animal!

  • Every day she adds more and more words to her vocabulary.  I just know that I will soon lose track of what she can say.
    • Milk (pronounced correctly as “Merlk”)
    • Sit couch
    • Sit car
    • Car
    • Slides
    • “Deh-yee” (Daddy)
    • Mommy
    • Hannah (…and Hannah is SO SO SO delighted!)
    • Emma (yes she can say her name!)
    • Cat and “meow meow”
    • Dog and “woof woof”
    • Cow
    • Bear
    • Nose
    • Mouth
    • Ear
    • Eye
    • Hair
    • Feet
    • Foot
    • Stuck!
    • Rice
    • Spoon
    • “Wear this!” when she wants to tell me what she would like to wear
    • Sun
    • Star
    • Says “Wheeee!!!!” when going down the slide (and also when Daddy or Mommy is driving along winding roads)
    • Balloon
    • “Kitty” (Hello Kitty)
    • “Bar-yee” (Barney)
    • “Eh-fern” (Elephant), with trunk action and sound effects
    • Roars like a lion/tiger
    • Happy
    • Sad
    • Kite
    • House
    • Glasses (referring to my sunglassses)
    • Dance
    • Flash (not sure how she picked this up, but she said it when I accidentally left the flash on when I took her picture)
    • Shower
    • Hug
    • “Ah-puh” (Apple)
    • “Barsh-tif” (Brush teeth)
    • “Brera” (Umbrella)
    • “Mar” (More)
  • Loves the “I Love You” song from Barney and can hug and kiss at the correct point in the song.  On that note, she is now very into Barney and watches Barney almost every day.  She says “Watch Bar-yee!!”


Food and Feeding


Loves rice, especially chicken rice and barbecued pork rice.  She appears to be slightly allergic to grapes though…it’s odd, because I have fed her grapes before and she was fine.  I will try again in a few weeks’ time.


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