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Emma at 32 Months


Scrap Credits
Romantic Spring Collaboratio Kit from Ptitesouris



9.8 kilos.  Slowly but surely reaching the big ten soon!


Not measured.


After that first visit to the dentist, we can now confirm that Emma has a total of 18 teeth, with 2 top molars to come.

Developmental Milestones

  • Emma is very much the little copycat and enjoys copying whatever her siblings do and say, especially Hannah.
  • She is also very exploratory in nature and loves to show me she can do lots of stuff, saying, “Mommy, look at me!”
  • Likes to be “part of the conversation”. When Ethan and Hannah are talking among themselves and make a joke, Emma will also chime in with laughter.
  • Loves watching shows with musical elements in them, her current favorites being the Little Einsteins series.

Food and Feeding

Her current favorite foods are chicken porridge, pumpkin porridge, chicken (steamed or roasted), steamed broccoli, “wan ton mee” and “shang mee”.

She is still consuming Izumio and Super Lutein as health supplements for her general wellbeing and also to tackle her eczema issues.



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