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Emma at 33 Months


Scrap Credits
Ladybugs Polka Dots Freebie QP from Courtney’s DigiScrappin’


Between 9.9-10.1kilos now…. she finally breached the 10 kilo mark!  Yay for Emma!
She will eagerly go to the weighing scale and ask to be weighed.


Not measured.


I just counted her teeth and can confirm that she has her full set of 20 milk teeth now. 🙂

Developmental Milestones

  • Emma can carry on a good conversation now.  She is finally saying “Please” and “Thank you”, and sometimes even asks us to say “Please Emma”. hahaha
  • She will tell us “I don’t want….” this or that.
  • She can string longer sentences together now. eg. “Snoopy’s not scary anymore, Mommy.  Snoopy’s a cute dog!”
  • Emma is asserting confidence and wants to be all grown-up.  When she sees something she wants to do, she will say, “Let me try!” or “Let Emma try!”
  • Asks questions: “What’s that?” “Where’s Hannah?” “Where’s Daddy?” “Where’s Ethan?”
  • Gives responses: “Hannah’s in school.” “Daddy’s in the office.” “Ethan is in the playroom.”
  • Sometimes mixes up “pee pee” and “poo poo”, so we have to gauge what she means when she says it.

Food and Feeding

Emma loves a good bowl of homecooked soup and even better if it is served with steamed rice.  I’m trying different soup combinations:  Apple with pork ribs soup, ABC soup (Carrot, tomatoes, potatoes, onion), mushroom soup, etc.

She also loves orange juice and Vitagen (orange flavor).  She also loves fresh fruits (watermelon currently her favorite, with kiwi and apple following in a close second).  She doesn’t really fancy ice cream though… funnily enough, she tried Baskin Robbins’ ice cream and she was okay, but when she tried some unidentified ice cream from the restaurant, she had rashes around her lips.

I’m also trying some fresh milk with her, she currently drinks just a little.  No adverse reactions so far.

She is still consuming Izumio and Super Lutein as health supplements for her general wellbeing and also to tackle her eczema issues.  She will know how to ask for her “mio” when she needs it and constantly requests for her “capsules” too.  Maybe what we hear about kids knowing what’s good for them is true after all.



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