Bible Verse of the Day

Not so Bulat anymore…

Ethan has moved on from the Caterpillar Shuffle to moving commando-style. Now, he very rapidly pushes his entire body weight forward, while his whole front is still on the floor, especially if an enticing toy is placed out of his reach.In fact, this milestone makes him officially MOBILE and because of that it is becoming apparent that our Ethan boy is losing some of his chubbiness, that contributes to his bulatness. The folds on his thighs are also not as prominent as before, although they are still visible.
How did he get from being this tiny baby:

To this angel at one-month old:

To his bulat-est at 6 months:

To what he is now: Cheeky, adorable and very very much lovable!

Time really flies.
I guess he has to grow up someday. He can’t be bulat forever.


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