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How is Ethan today?

Ethan is still having a slight runny nose today.  I fed him some Polaramine this morning by dipping some bread into it…yeah, when push comes to shove, a mommy will do anything.  This evening however, he would not take the bread dipped with polaramine “jam” anymore.  Kids learn fast, don’t they?

As usual he was playing all around the house this evening.  In fact just yesterday he discovered a new “toy” to play with.  I have several boxes filled with Ethan’s clothes when he was much younger, clothes which he can’t fit into anymore.  My mistake, it had not occurred to me that those boxes are now within his reach.  Look what happened…

SIGH….now excuse me while I need to go and refold the clothes…

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    Surpringly, Ern didn’t make any fuss when we feed her medicine this time (the recent bite). *phew*

    I don’t know if it’s because we let her sit either on our lap or hairchair. She tot we are giving her food. Maybe she can still be “tipu-able” from our tricks. Not that smart as Ethan yet….

    My friend used to feed her son the medicine via the sipping cup by adding some water. Again, that trick also last for few times only.

    Looks like parenting require BIG bag of tricks….LOL!!

    Joyce says: I’m fast running out of tricks. This morning when I tried the “bread with jam” trick again, he took one look at the piece of bread, turned and walk away. I tell ya, it is a tussle when it comes to feeding him medicine.



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