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Looting at Baby Gap

Aren’t these adorable? Baby Gap is currently having its biggest sale ever, and during the past weekend, HSBC credit card members got an additional 10% off everything that was already on offer. I got this matching pair of collared t-shirts and socks for Ethan. They are a little big for him right now (I bought the 2-year-old sizes), but I’ll keep them till he is ready. Ethan looks really good and so grown up in collared t-shirts, that I couldn’t resist getting these for him. Of course, there’s something about stripes too! 😀

  1. WS’s avatar

    wow…matching ler…:-)

    Joyce says: Hehe..couldn’t resist it.


  2. Hooi Ling’s avatar

    What a nice matching pairs!!
    I got Charlotte a pair of pants and a nice dress for myself :p

    Joyce says: I am wondering if we got the same dress. I bought a nice dress for myself too, and there was one more left on the rack 😛


  3. rinnah’s avatar

    Collared shirts are way more cool than t-shirts, doncha think? ;P

    Joyce says: Makes him look smarter 🙂


  4. anggie’s avatar

    very nice.. after ur boy wearing must be very macho .. 🙂

    Joyce says: Actually he has been hinting that he wants to wear them already, because he takes them out everyday.



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