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The Food Monster

Ethan’s appetite has increased in leaps and bounds since his recent bout of illness. That’s a really good sign, although it is all really in the scales and we shall know for sure if he has gained a significant amount of weight tomorrow when we take him for a visit to Dr Jessica for his (long-delayed) JE jab.

While I am at work, Ethan takes a total of 3 solid meals now, not including his milk feeds. I’m guessing he takes lunch, tea and early dinner. If you take into account the oatmeal he has for breakfast, then it will be 4 solid meals. Mrs Tan cooks porridge for him still, but at home and during weekends, he takes whatever we eat. Sometimes Ethan joins us for dinner after we pick him up from the sitter…we normally do this on Fridays…and guess what, our boy will be eagerly requesting for food too! Boy, has he got an expandable tummy!

For the past three days, I have also included supper in his diet. After his nightly shower, I make him a bowl of cereal, sometimes Kellogg’s Frosties and sometimes Rice Krispies (I’m thinking of trying Cocoa Pops tonight). I mix the cereal with Pediasure, which I heard is more *fragrant*, as it tastes just like vanilla milkshake. Of course,the introduction of supper is really a means of paving the way towards complete weaning from breastmilk too. And I am pleased to note that for the past three nights, Ethan has cheerfully and happily finished each serving (2-3 oz of Pediasure with cereal).

Well, he still wants to be nursed before he sleeps now, but with supper, he *seems* to be waking up at 3:00ish a.m. instead of the regular 12:00ish. So that’s a good sign. 🙂

  1. Angeleyes’s avatar

    That’s a good start! I too started to give Darrius supper when I was in the midst of weaning him from the breasts. Something warm is good as they will sleep sounder too!

    Joyce says: It starts off warm, but towards the end, it gets cold…should be ok too, I hope?


  2. WS’s avatar

    maybe you can prepare the supper 2 times (same food) so that Ethan get to take them warm. That’s normally what I do when I prepare rice cereal for Ern.

    Also, I think you can slowly increase the formula serving and cut down the cereal as part of your weaning transition…

    Joyce says: Okay, but won’t the cereal make for a more nutritious supper?


  3. Allandog’s avatar

    Good to hear that his huge appetite has returned. Well, he has to keep up to his Mr Bulat monicker, right?..heh..

    Joyce says: I was gonna bug you about dropping comments! But you read my mind!


  4. rinnah’s avatar

    Ethan sure has a healthy appetite! It’s amazing how expandable kids’ tummies can be…

    Joyce says: And they can’t even be bothered to suck it in!


  5. Angie’s avatar

    Ah.. good tip. Maybe I should feed Evan supper too!

    Joyce says: Yes, that’s a good start.



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