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Do you know what I do when Ethan starts getting restless in his car seat and starts throwing a big fuss?  Why, I simply reach my hand to the back, I grab hold of his little feet and I give him a foot rub!

Do you know what I do when he doesn’t want to sit still when I change him?  I hold both his feet in my hands and rub them!

Yes, our little boy has started to enjoy the little things in life.  Taking the cue from his Daddy, Ethan too enjoys a foot rub every now and then.  Miraculously, a soothing foot rub quietens him down almost immediately and he looks at perfect ease!

Please tell me I won’t have to book a spa appointment for him next! 😛

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Ha, Ethan sure learns fast! Mommy and baby spa visits next, perhaps?

    Joyce says: That would promote mommy and child bonding too, eh?


  2. twin’s avatar

    he sure knows how to enjoy!!! hehehhe

    Joyce says: Yes he does! He learns fast, eh?


  3. mom2ashley’s avatar young and already enjoying a foot rub eh?

    Joyce says: Kids these days learn young 😛



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