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Sleepy bleepy

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Ethan’s sleeping and bed habits:

  • Light sleeper – will wake up at the slightest sound.
  • Experiences deep sleep in the early mornings.  Sometimes I can even change his diaper without him waking up.
  • When he wakes up at night, the first thing he will do is cry.  When he wakes up in the morning, the first thing he usually does is SMILE.
  • Loves to play under the quilt covers – he will lie very very still when he is under the covers and then reveal himself to you all of a sudden.
  • Loves to climb onto our bedside platform, lifts his hands up as if in jubilation to say “Look, Mommy!  No hands!”
  • Needs to be either lulled to sleep by being carried or breastfed (working on the weaning part).
  • Still wakes up about once or twice in the night for comfort suckling.
  • Sometimes talks and giggles in his sleep.
  • Kicks a lot when he sleeps.  Able to rotate whole body all around the bed.
  • Sleeps in various positions, one of his favorites being the “crouching position”, i.e. butt high up and face tilted a little to the side.  Sometimes he sleeps in the coma/recovery position too.
  • Doesn’t like pillows, and still sleeps without.
  • Doesn’t like blankets, quilts and comforters too, preferring to sleep *exposed*.
  • Sometimes he wakes up and will fall back to sleep again when we put him on our bed.  However, he will need to snuggle and hug me really tight like a bolster first.  One hand will be around my neck or torso, and one leg around my waist.
  • When he wakes up before Daddy and Mommy are asleep and I don’t come and hold him as soon as he would like me to, he will cry and wail loudly, as if someone is abusing him.

But he does sleep like an angel, doesn’t he?

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    sounds exactly like my boy! i’ve given up on:
    1) hoping for a full un-interrupted night sleep
    2) putting him to naps during the day (since i don’t carry not bf)
    once i’ve accepted that, i’m a happier person ha ha

    Joyce says: So your boy doesn’t sleep in the afternoon? You know, I find they sleep much easily if they don’t sleep in the afternoons.


  2. rinnah’s avatar

    You don’t mention anything about whether or not it’s hard to get Ethan to sleep so I guess you don’t have any problems in that area?

    Joyce says: It’s hard if I don’t breastfeed him.


  3. slavemom’s avatar

    All sleeping babies/kids look like angels, no? 😉 My kids don’t like blankets either. They can kick it away immediately once I cover them, altho I thot they’re edi in deep sleep.

    Joyce says: I wonder why…I love blankets though.


  4. ablogaway’s avatar

    Sounds like he’s a morning person, ya? SMILE if wakes up in the morning 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, but what does it mean when he also goes to bed late at night?



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