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The chewing monster!

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About a month or so ago, I asked my Mom to get me a bottle of Amway’s Chewable Natural C, which is a vitamin C supplement for kids (because it is chewable, duh).  Anyway, it is supposed to be sweet and all because it is made from acerola cherries and whatnot, and I thought it would be good to train Ethan to take these chewables once a day.  I also took them when I was a little girl, and look how I turned out 😛

Although Ethan’s pd had given him some multivitamin syrup to take previously, he had rejected them all downright.  So to tell you the truth, I wasn’t at all optimistic about the success of feeding him the chewable tablets.  Anyway, the first time I tried, I took out the bottle of chewables, gave it a nice shake so it produced a rattling sound.  Ethan got all interested at once.  I opened the bottle and gave him a tablet to hold.  He was intrigued by it and he was looking and looking and he finally put it in his mouth, after some coaxing from us.  Now, since the chewable tablet is slightly sourish, Ethan made a face and then immediately took it out again.  And then he fed it to me!  He then requested for another tablet, and fed it to his Daddy!

Since that day, he has been “feeding” us chewables whenever he feels like it, that is, if we allow him to take the tablets.  He even knows where I keep the bottle of chewables in the fridge, and would request me to open the fridge, just so he can get to it.  Sometimes he likes to roll the chewable tablet on his cheek too.  Just the other day though, he finally nibbled off part of the tablet, little by little.  In the end, when the tablet got too small for his fingers, he popped it all into his mouth.  But before I could applaud him, he spat the bits and pieces out all over his shirt.  I’m not sure how much of it went into him though, but it’s a start, I would say. 🙂

  1. rinnah’s avatar

    Everyone has different tastes. I loved chewable vitamins as a kid and would practically beg my mum to let me have one more tablet! Lawl.

    Joyce says: So did I!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    Now they have gummy bears mutlivit too!

    Joyce says: They do?? I doubt Ethan would like those though.


  3. Angeleyes’s avatar

    Now that you remind me…. must get some for my lil monkey too.

    Joyce says: Do let me know if he likes it or not.


  4. Aunty J’s avatar

    Hi there 🙂 Guess what, my son’s name is Ethan too and he is now 7 month 3 weeks old. Blog hopping from 18:18 🙂 Your Ethan is very cute!

    Joyce says: Welcome to my blog! What a coincidence! I wonder if my Ethan will ever meet your Ethan!


  5. KittyCat’s avatar

    Ya, me too. And you know what? Not only do our sons share the same birthdays but they seem to have the same face shapes…what do you think?

    Joyce says: Maybe it’s something to do with the day itself? We should compare notes as to what time exactly they were born.


  6. sharine’s avatar

    my gal also keep on feeding us on what she ate halfway… hopefully she will learn to appreciate good food… haha!

    Joyce says: In a way, it’s good that they learn how to share, donchafinkso?



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