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January 31st 2008

I took the second half of the day off from work to spend some time with Ethan on his birthday.  Unfortunately, due to work commitments, Pete could not make it, so it was just my boy and me.   I picked Ethan up from Mrs Tan’s place after lunch and my first stop was at the D’View hair salon.  Ethan was due for a haircut and I figured if there weren’t too many customers around, we could try and see if he could get his New Year haircut then.  Pretty ambitious of me to attempt this on my own, but you know me, stubborn as a mule and determined as ever.  It was Ethan’s first time there, and at first he was a little shy to enter the shop.  But then Cindy the hairdresser offered him a cracker and turned the TV on to the Playhouse Disney Channel and he was hooked immediately.  Smiling away, Ethan allowed me to help him put on the cute little cloak around his neck, to ensure most of the hair wouldn’t fall on his shirt.  Then he obediently sat on my lap while Cindy did the magic.  After a very neat shave, all the while with Ethan munching away happily on the cracker while kicking his legs to the Mouskadance tune, Ethan looked very macho-like with his new haircut.  Well, now we know where to go for a fuss-free, scream-free, struggle-free haircut for Ethan, all for RM10.  See, I could even manage to snap a few shots for proof.

Next on the agenda, Ethan and I went to Gurney Plaza.  He was delighted to play at the children’s playground and today, he finally learnt how to slide down a slide the correct way.  Previously he would climb up the slide and then climb down without sliding.  Today, I showed him how to do it, by putting him at the top of the slide and then pushing him gently down.  That was it.  Over and over again, he would go up and down the slide.

We also made a stop at MPH, where Ethan had a good time playing *catch* with me.  😛  Then we went down to the basement where I bought a drink for us both to share.  Before leaving the mall, we made a final stopover at the children’s playground again.  You know why…

After resting for a while at home, and after he had had some milk, I decided to take Ethan downstairs for a swim.  He got all excited when I dressed him up in his swimsuit, and promptly brought his float to me.  We had a great time swimming, Ethan and me.  Ethan enjoyed the water so much, he even wanted to drink it on purpose, much to my horror!  And me, I managed to get SOME form of exercise done, at least for my lower body.  Heh.

We then washed up and got ready for dinner.  We picked Daddy up from work and headed on to Friday’s.  Ethan had his favorite spaghetti, of course, and everyone could tell he was enjoying himself tremendously.  We didn’t get the servers to sing the birthday song for him though, because Pete was concerned that Ethan might not be ready for their loud singing just yet.

What a fantastic day for all of us!  I’m sure Ethan enjoyed himself very much too, so much that he didn’t even have his daytime nap.  Happy birthday darling Ethan boy!

  1. khongfamily’s avatar

    Happy Birthday, Ethan boy!

    Joyce says: Thank you very much!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    Happy Belated Birthday Ethan!

    Joyce says: Thanks Michelle!


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    I really salute Joyce. I don’t know how you muster up all the energy to bring Ethan everywhere! If I’m alone with Bryan, I just put on 5 hours worth of Barney DVDs to while away time!!!! Kinda of a crappy mum huh???!

    Joyce says: Ethan doesn’t really dig Barney! But I do make use of Baby Einstein a lot…


  4. ablogaway’s avatar

    Wise decision that you skipped the singing part at TGIF. Sze Yi was frightened by them and we have to pay for the supposedly “free” cake too!

    Joyce says: You had to PAY for the cake? Wow…I really didn’t know that…we would have made a scene then!


  5. anggie - jeremy boy’s avatar

    opps i m late here .. happy belated birthday to Ethan
    and also Happy Chinese New Year!!!
    May you have a fruitful, happy and healthy rat year.

    Joyce says: Thank you, Anggie! Better late than never! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!


  6. Sting’s avatar

    happy birthday again Ethan… wow! you guys sure did lots of fun things together for half a day.. you are an awesome mum 🙂 btw, happy chinese new year to you, Ethan and Pete 🙂

    Joyce says: Thanks Sting! Happy Chinese New Year to you too!


  7. mom2ashley’s avatar

    happy belated birthday ethan!

    Joyce says: Thank you!


  8. rinnah’s avatar

    Welcome to the Terrific Twos, Ethan Boy! *wink*

    Joyce says: Haha…that’s a *mild* way of putting it.


  9. Angeleyes’s avatar

    That was such a sweet b’day celebration.

    How I wish Darrius could sit there without making any fuss during hair cut.

    Joyce says: Maybe you can try taking him to the place I took Ethan to, or you wanna make plans to go together?



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