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My sleeping angel

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Yesterday afternoon, while hanging out with Ethan at home, I witnessed a sleeping angel.  Ethan was sitting on the couch watching Baby Noah on the telly and I was flipping through the newspapers.  He hadn’t had his nap yet, and I knew it was about time he felt sleepy.  Usually he would look for me for a cuddle before falling asleep but yesterday, he suddenly crouched over on his tummy, found his really comfy position and drifted off to sleep, all on his own. 

What’s a blogger mom like me supposed to do?

  1. Paik Ling’s avatar

    lucky you! i’m still waiting for that to happen to me.

    Joyce says: It was just a one-time thingy, unfortunately. He still asks for a snuggle and cuddle now.


  2. michelle’s avatar

    He looks like a tired angel to me. I guess you get more “U” time with him fast asleep.

    Joyce says: My “me time” is but for about half an hour only 😛


  3. huisia’s avatar mummy could continue reading 🙂

    Joyce says: They are so peaceful looking when they are asleep, aren’t they?


  4. huisia’s avatar

    oh, happy belated birthday to Ethan too!

    Joyce says: Thanks Huisia!


  5. jacss’s avatar

    he looked so calming heh….but must be drop dead tired or else he wouldn’t have fallen sleep like that !!
    blogger mummy go blogging lar…..

    Joyce says: Yeah, after all the running around, he must have been really really exhausted!


  6. rinnah’s avatar

    Ha, I remember my nephew once fell asleep in the middle of feeding himself his cereal… we had to move the bowl quickly before his face went in!

    Joyce says: I don’t see that happening with Ethan – your nephew must have been so tired to have done that!


  7. Sting’s avatar

    that’s so cute.. wish my baby would learn that from Ethan korkor.. 🙂

    Joyce says: Haha…he only did that just that one time. He is back to his snuggling antics now…


  8. slavemom’s avatar

    I just love to c babies/kids sleeping. They hv this calm n peaceful look. And we hv calm n peace too when they’re sound asleep. 😀

    Joyce says: How right you are… don’t you think you can just spend hours looking at them fast asleep? If only they sleep that long laaa…


  9. chinnee’s avatar

    so sweet hor….

    thats qiqi’s favourite sleeping position too!!!

    Joyce says: Probably it makes them feel more secure…


  10. ablogaway’s avatar

    Hehe, he must be really tired. Ya, so you got half hour free for blogging 🙂

    Joyce says: No..more like half an hour of housekeeping!



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