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Buckle Struggle

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HoldEmUps from Tara Dunstan
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Lately, ever since Ethan decided to become more independent, he loves to climb into the back seat of our car on his own. His car seat is fixed behind the co-driver’s seat, so he prefers to walk all the way round to the rear door behind the driver, and he will put his hand on the handle and attempt to open the door. Of course he cannot, just yet. But when we do open the door for him, he will climb into the car on his own, using his upper body strength to push his butt up onto the seat and sit in the back seat, smiling happily as if he has accomplished something.

And here’s where the problem starts. When we try to load him into the car seat, he wouldn’t budge. We have never had a problem with Ethan sitting in the car seat before, simply because he has been trained to do so from birth, but now, he is very reluctant to sit in his leather-trimmed car seat. Little does he know that if he sits on the regular back seat, his view of the outside world from the car would be severely hampered.

So how? Every time it will be a battle. We will try our very best to put him into the seat and strap him in, sometimes using decoys like cellphones to distract him. It has never crossed our minds to give in to his cries though. So however hard it is, we will still put him in the car seat. Safety comes first ma. Once he is in the seat and the car starts moving, he will be okay.

I really hope this is a phase he will outgrow soon. Please. It has even come to the point that we are thinking twice every time we need to go somewhere where we need to reload him in the seat. And I’m not even gonna start thinking about doing it alone. SIGH.

  1. blessed mum’s avatar

    have u tried carrying him onto the car instead of letting him getting up on his own…maybe, this might help.

    Joyce says: Yes, he has always been carried into the car, but lately he started to have a mind of his own. When we attempt to carry him in, he protests!


  2. michelle’s avatar

    Maybe after a few cries, he will listen. My children love playing with the seat belt which is why they are very happy when they can strap the seat belt in themselves. A trick not sure whether it will work for Ethan, surprised him by putting some favorite food (eg raisin) on his car seat, when he finds it there, he may want to sit and enjoy his raisin.

    Joyce says: Thanks for the tip! I have saved it in my hard drive safely (in my brain) for use in emergency situations.


  3. chinnee’s avatar

    when qiqi was little i had problem strapping her also. later i found out her car seat not comfy, hehe……so we changed another and she loves to ride in it afterwards!

    Joyce says: Eh, but Ethan’s car seat very comfy wor…with leather trimmings and all. Even more comfy than our seats!


  4. KittyCat’s avatar

    How about getting a booster seat instead? I got a hand-me-down which Lucas just loves now since he uses the “adult” buckle. His only gripe is that his view is lower compared to the car seat. If Ethan is in the right weight group, he’d qualify for a booster seat 🙂

    Are you one of those scrapbook fans? Wonder if you’d know where I can get a simple scrapbook (with many pages of thick paper) I can paste photos, cards and other little bits of my father’s stuff?

    Joyce says: Yeah, I thought about getting a booster seat too, but am trying to delay using that for now. Maybe I will consult you when the time comes to *upgrade*. You can get physical scrapbook supplies from Scrap.n.Crop. That’s where I go if I ever need physical scrapbooking materials. If you prefer non-online shopping, you can check out Smidapaper. The store is located on Burmah Rd, somewhere on your left after the Hotel 1926.


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    I’m not a mommy so no advice to give… but, I read the words leather trimmed car seat and I thought, “Wow! Ethan boy sure travels in style like a big boss!” 😛

    Joyce says: He certainly does! Like a big towkay!



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