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Then and now

Scrap Credits
Playdate Mini kit from Amy Bleser
Paper word strips from Sugarplum Paperie
Elegant word art (boys are kisses) from Bethany
Polka dotted arrow from Dúnia
Confetti from Aja Abney

When once he clung to Mommy, now he will happily play with his toys. Although most of the time he still plays in silo, he is slowly overcoming his shyness.

When once he will only play with the ball in the playground, he now loves to slide down the slides in addition to all other activities.

When once he didn’t want to join in the singing and clapping, he now willingly obliges, sometimes even offering to be the first one to hold the *window* for the Window Song.

When once all he wanted to do was to run away from the singing session, now he waves and smiles happily at the kids. His attention span is still very short though, and it won’t be long before he prefers to walk around the hall, or to *disturb* Daddy.

When once he would not want to even be a part of any song, now he loves the action songs. He doesn’t do them all though, but it is apparent his favorites are the ones requiring everyone to move around the room…and of course, the one that ends with everyone “falling down” on the floor!

When once he could not wait to go home after the session, now he will wait patiently for Teacher Puva to give him a sticker or two. He’s a real gentleman and will not bulldoze his way for his stickers, but will sit and wait.

When once he pushed teacher away when the class was over, only content to wave and give a flying kiss, he now gives a nice hug before we say goodbye.

The 3 months or so with this parent-toddler class has indeed been a blessing, and we look forward to more.

  1. Joanne’s avatar

    wow, what a big achievementssssssssss!!
    Well done, Ethan boy!

    Joyce says: Yup, we are very proud of him!


  2. yippee’s avatar

    you have a great blog Joyce. I esp like the one on Ethan as I too have a 2.5yo son.

    I happen to “run into” yours when trying to figure out how to order some stuff from the US websites!

    Joyce says: Hi yippee! Thanks for the compliment – it’s always good to know we are being appreciated for what we do. Hope to see you back here more often 🙂


  3. blessed mum’s avatar

    Little Ethan has grown to be a gentleman indeed! Nice teaching!

    Joyce says: Thanks!!


  4. Vien’s avatar

    What a great improvement in such a short time.

    Joyce says: Yeah, we are really thankful!


  5. rinnah’s avatar

    It’s so nice that Ethan is a little gentleman and so well-behaved too!

    Joyce says: Oh yes he is….As for “well-behaved”, wait till you meet him la…


  6. Collin’s avatar


    Joyce says: You’ll have your chance soon 🙂


  7. Angeline’s avatar

    They grow so fast, don’t they? and the ‘When Once’ seem like it was just yesterday, doesn’t it?

    Joyce says: You are so right. I can’t believe how time has flown.



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