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For the first time

Pete’s department had a celebration dinner at the 1885 in the E&O hotel last Wednesday evening. The invitation was also extended to the spouse/date, however this place spelt fine dining, and as such kids were not allowed.

So after much deliberation, we decided to make arrangements with Mrs Tan and leave Ethan under her care while we attended the dinner. It was to be the first time ever we would be picking Ethan up from the baby sitter’s place at such a late hour (we anticipated the dinner to end around 10:30-11:00p.m.), and I was a little concerned if Ethan would be worried, wondering where Mommy and Daddy were.

So I decided to take the day off and be with Ethan for the most part of the day. That way he wouldn’t have to spend so much time away from us. I drove him out for lunch, picked his Daddy up from work and we had a bite in Queensbay Mall. Then we went back home, where I had hoped he would be able to nap for a while before heading to the sitter’s. Although I could tell he was tired and sleepy, he simply didn’t want to sleep! So I decided to drop him off at Mrs Tan’s place at about 3:30p.m.

Guess what? Ethan fell asleep on the way there! He was still groggy when we arrived and so I am not sure if he knew I said buh bye to him.

With a heavy heart, I drove away, knowing that Ethan was in good hands, but also missing him every bit.

The dinner ended earlier than we had expected and we arrived to pick Ethan up at about 10:15p.m. that night. He smiled when he saw us at the door and ran towards his Daddy, hugging Pete tight. But I was kinda sad when he pushed me away. Dunno if it was because he was angry with me.

But all’s well that ends well. He was all lovey-dovey again when we reached home, and although he requested to watch a little bit of his Great Numbers Game video, he called it a night soon after. And from the way he slept, we could tell it was a long tiring day for him too, as it was for us.

The next morning, he was all ready to embrace a brand new day! See? Already busy ransacking the fridge before we left for work 😛

  1. leona’s avatar

    I like the way he drinks his Yakult.. very cute.

    Joyce says: Hi Leona, thanks for visiting my blog. Come to think of it, I guess he inherited that way of drinking from me. I tend to raise my pinky when I hold a cup or bottle too!


  2. slavemom’s avatar

    So how was the dinner w/o Ethan? Missed him terribly, I suppose. We’ve yet to go out ‘pak thor’ w/o the kids. At least u’ve had ur 1st time. 🙂
    Look at him all happy with his loots from the fridge. Smiling so cheekily.

    Joyce says: Yes, missed him loads, but I think it will be a long time before we have our 2nd time 😛


  3. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Ethan is really such a happy toddler – love that smile!! Looks like Queensbay Mall to you is like 1Utama to me; we’re there all the time! 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, Queensbay Mall is like Ethan’s second home!


  4. chinnee’s avatar

    not easy to leave your darling behind especially at night yeah…my hb too, always waiting for qq to come back even though knowing that she is safe with the nanny….

    Joyce says: It’s something that comes with parenthood, I suppose. Leaving them behind is like leaving a precious part of ourselves behind.


  5. Angeline’s avatar

    Imagine how that felt if you had to do it every single day….for 3 years…my elder one almost hated me to the core for the 1st 2years, now he can’t do without me, guess I won the battle eventually…*laugh*

    Joyce says: Wow…I can’t imagine doing that. But a mommy’s bond with a child is always there 🙂


  6. rinnah’s avatar

    What’s the full sentence on Ethan’s shirt? I can only see, “If u think I’m cute, wait! see my mum…”

    Joyce says: Yes, that’s what it says la. Unfortunately not very grammatically correct hor? I have a matching one that says, “If you think I’m cute, wait! see my baby…” hehehe.


  7. Cheryl Wong-Leong’s avatar

    Hi Joyce, this is Cheryl. I came from the same hometown as Peter and have known him since 1st Form. he’d know me better by my chinese name, Yoke Mooi :). I have been reading your posts since Pauline sent a few of us the url for this blog, say 2 wks ago when we asked her if the pic of the chubby kid on her album in Facebook was Peter’s kid.
    personally i find your blog and posts interesting, and i enjoy reading how ethan is growing up, and mommy and daddy coping, fun stuffs done together. he’s such a lovely kid 🙂 and looks a lot like Peter…

    Joyce says: Hi Cheryl/Yoke Mooi. Thanks for visiting my blog and I am glad I have entertained you with my posts. I do remember meeting you on a few occasions, now that you mention it.

    Well, some people have commented that Ethan looks like me and yet, some, like yourself, have commented that he resembles Peter. Haha.


  8. sting’s avatar

    you’re lucky to have a dependable babysitter.. and love that shirt he’s wearing! 🙂

    Joyce says: Yeah, thank you!


  9. Blessed Mom’s avatar

    u r a great mommy…took leave to spent extra time with him to make up for the longer time he will spent at his “nanny”‘s place..I sure u felt terrible when he pushed u away after u did all these for him…i will too..but glad he is back to his lovely boy self again.

    Joyce says: It was just something I had to do as a mommy. Ethan is very attached to me 🙂


  10. Cheryl Wong-Leong’s avatar

    Hi Joyce, have we met before? hmmm…i must apologise. i think not ‘cos i was not at your wedding, and have been in KL since ’94. so in actual i have not seen Peter for years, since he did his F6 in Penang, and most of us were either still back in Tpg or pursuing some twinning programmes. 😛

    I just can’t help wondering if your bro, Allan was also from UKM or something. I have a feeling that he’s the Allan I met at the Inter-varsity Christian Camp back in 1998. Pei Gee’s name also sounded very familiar to me…haha, like as though i know everyone.

    Joyce says: Yes, we have met 🙂 … at Chyuan Wei’s wedding back in 2004. My brother was studying in UPM, but it is likely that he attended a Christian Camp.


  11. allthingspurple’s avatar

    As Ethan grew older, it struck me how much he looks like you !!

    Joyce says: Awww… you just made my day! 🙂



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