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The Halloween that was

This year would be the first time ever we were kinda celebrating Halloween.  Back in Malaysia, Halloween is never celebrated on a large scale, but over here in the US, everyone goes all out getting themselves garbed in costumes, carving pumpkins, and getting candies and treats ready for the kids.

I didn’t want Ethan to miss out on this opportunity too, but unfortunately, on the eve of Halloween, we still had not found a suitable costume for Ethan.  He adores Mickey Mouse and bear masks, so we thought of getting him a costume along those lines, but nothing we saw caught our fancy.  Well, in the end, it was thanks to Vien who offered to loan me Belle’s kangaroo costume from last Halloween.  And I promptly made arrangements to collect the costume from Jon on Halloween afternoon itself.  Thanks Vien, you’re a lifesaver!

At his daycare that day, there was also a birthday celebration for Van’s daughter Venice, who turns 3 the following day.  The plan was to go trick-or-treatin’ after the party, so I brought along the kangaroo costume for Ethan when I left for the daycare.  I arrived for the party a little before 4:00p.m. and there were already lots of balloons floating all over the ceiling.  Guess who was the happiest?


Ethan calls balloons “booboo”, so he was “booboo”ing all over when I arrived.

We had pizza, apple pie, grape juice, crackers and snacks for the party.  Ethan, however, only took a small miserable bite of the pizza slice, preferring instead to munch on cheese slices.


When the time came for cake-cutting, Venice put on her princess gown, complete with a crown.  Incidentally, that’s what she would be dressed up as for Halloween.  I also put Ethan in the kangaroo suit, which fit him perfectly!  However, he wasn’t too keen on putting the hood over his head though.


Ethan was so excited when the time came to sing the birthday song and especially when it was time to blow the candle.  He kept pointing at the number THREE candle, and exclaimed, “Three!”


When cake was served, I wisely decided to remove his costume top, just in case he made a mess with all the cake frosting.  And I am really glad I did what I did.  Not only did Ethan enjoy the chocolate cake tremendously, his shirt front had patches of icing on it too!  I was actually surprised that Ethan ate the cake because normally, he doesn’t like cake.  It must have been cos he saw all the other kids eating too!


After that we all went to some nearby neighbors’ houses for trick-or-treatin’.  Most of the folks could not guess correctly what Ethan was dressed up as.  Some of the guesses were a rabbit, a bear and a dinosaur.  But one thing’s certain.  Ethan had a LOT of fun trick-or-treatin’.  I think he’s really happy with his LOOT, which he put in the little Mickey Mouse paper bag I picked out for him 🙂


What an utterly grand experience it must have been for him!  We both went back home to our apartment after that to wait for Daddy to have dinner.  While waiting I managed to take a nice picture of him in his costume:


And when Pete came home, we tried our best to take a shot of him with the hood on:


Don’t you think Ethan looks adorable ?

  1. KittyCat’s avatar

    He looks so cute in the costume! We celebrated Halloween in Communist China too LOL It was pretty fun minus candy and trick or treating (which is fine by me). Will post pics soon…

    Joyce says: Oh wow…can’t wait for the pictures!


  2. allthingspurple’s avatar

    Guess who is the happiest? My guess is the mummy ! hee hee..

    yea, trick or treat is fun for the little ones. I used to bring my litte cousin, age 3, to the malls for trick and tricking in his tiger costume and his pumpkin pail when I live with my aunt in Vancouver for a while. My aunt says that those days, the treats were like huge sized candies and chocolates. Now they are snack size (mini size) haha. Glad Ethan had lots of fun.

    The little birthday girl is a real cutie, isnt she?

    Joyce says: Haha…you guessed right! You know me so well… Well, he did get a huge size Hershey’s bar. I guess that house had run out of mini candies that day! And oh yeah, she’s cute!


  3. allthingspurple’s avatar

    oh, of course Ehtan is cute too !!

    Joyce says: Haha…. I know 🙂


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    He is he is he is!!!

    Joyce says: 🙂


  5. michelle’s avatar

    He is a real cute kangaroo there! Did he get lots of candies?

    Joyce says: Too much for him to finish all by himself!


  6. slavemom’s avatar

    Yes, of coz!
    Huh? Is it difficult to guess his costume? There’s a little bb in his front pouch. 😀
    Wat a great n fun experience for him.

    Joyce says: I guess people didn’t see the little joey in front at first. It was definitely a fun experience for him.


  7. Cheryl Wong-Leong’s avatar

    Wah…mr bulat got to party and go trick-or-treatin’ …:) he looked so so adorable in that kangaroo suit 🙂 so cuddly!

    Joyce says: Yes, it is any wonder why he is having the time of his life here?


  8. rinnah’s avatar

    I am absolutely taken in by the adorable kangaroo boy! Did Ethan hop skip and jump in his kangaroo suit? *grin*

    Joyce says: He most certainly did! And all while holding his bag of candies too!


  9. Collin’s avatar

    hey no fair!! I wanna costume too!!!….;-p

    Joyce says: And what would you want to be dressed up as?


  10. wen’s avatar

    he seems to enjoy himself and cope well. good!

    Joyce says: Yup he is!


  11. huisia’s avatar

    nice costume, both Vien and you stay near??

    Joyce says: Thanks! Actually we don’t stay near each other, but I managed to meet up with her hubby to get the costume!


  12. Angeline’s avatar

    aiyo! the way he eats makes me hungry!
    to me, Halloween is really a bizarre fashion show!

    Joyce says: It’s not celebrated much in Malaysia, isn’t it?


  13. mc’s avatar

    wow, i always thought halloween was silly, but now i see it from a child’s persepctive, very fun la! ethan looks so happy! and a very cute kangaroo:)

    Joyce says: Yes, it is a blast for kids! And the thrill of getting the candy! Wow!!!


  14. Vien’s avatar

    Oh, he is as cute as a button! I’m so glad he likes the kangaroo outfit. 2 yos are easy to be pleased..wait till he turns 3…then there will be all sorts of request for the halloween costume. 🙂

    Joyce says: Ah, he likes the costume, except for the hoodie! Hehe…



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