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“Daddy” and “Mommy”

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…well, except it’s not exactly “Mommy” that he calls me. 😛

Ethan only started calling “Daddy” really clearly a few weeks before we left Penang for the United States.  I remember it happened one evening when we were all resting and playing in the living room and I prompted him to go call Daddy.  And he said ever so clearly, “Daddy!”  And then that same night, when I was about to give him a shower, Ethan wanted “Daddy!” too. 

Ah yes.  It was and still is a magical word that will open many doors for Ethan.

But while his “Daddy” was loud and clear, he remained tight-lipped when we asked him to call “Mommy”.  He did call me a few times but it was inconsistent.  By and by, he started calling me *something* that sounded like Mommy but was not.  And this was very consistent.

He calls me… “Martee“.

Yeah.  I think it’s because he links it from “Daddy” (“Da-dee”) and then maybe he thinks it’s “Mar-tee” or “Ma-dee”…you know, just by changing the first syllable and maintaining the last one?

Anyway, it’s kinda embarrassing sometimes because Ethan calls a banana “Martee” too, and sometimes even Barney “Martee”.  Well, in a most unqiuely endearing kind of way, Ethan addresses me as “Martee”, his way of calling me “Mommy”… albeit differently, but I am certain, filled with love and sweetness in every way.

  1. huisia’s avatar

    don’t worry, he will call you “mommy” clearly soon…:)

    Joyce says: 🙂


  2. chinnee’s avatar

    Ethan boy seems to enjoy himself over there. Hey, people say if he could call his father first, his father will suffer more than his mother :p

    Joyce says: I’ve never heard of that before!


  3. jacss’s avatar

    hey….in no time, u’ll get very annoyed by the non-stop of “mummyyyyyyy this & mummyyyyyy that” so just a little more time…..
    and his “sidane-like” style of kick was so cool wor, haha !!!

    Joyce says: 🙂


  4. Paik Ling’s avatar

    Who cares what they call us right? At one point, Bryan just grunted and I still acknowledged him!

    Joyce says: Yup, as long as it is done with LOVE!


  5. wen’s avatar

    i think ur endearment from him is unique and special!

    Joyce says: Oh yes, it is!


  6. slavemom’s avatar

    When they call us with a different name, it’s like a special bonding btw mother n child. Enjoy it while it lasts. My “Bamee” oni lasted less than a wk. 🙂

    Joyce says: You’re so right. It’s like a special something only you both share huh?


  7. ablogaway’s avatar

    That’s so cute 🙂 well, I bet you’re gonna miss him calling you Martee when he actually starts calling you Mommy next time.

    Joyce says: 🙂 You think so too? 🙂



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